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Little Wolf … The Public Speaker!

I don’t think there are adequate words to describe the amount of pride we have today as parents.

Today, Tia ( @_little.x.wolf_ ) did her first ever school talk - an Impact Talk!

The talk was about HER story.

Her journey with inclusion, being a young caregiver, sister to Rio, a triathlete (as an inclusive athlete and solo athlete), her accomplishments and her message about inclusion.

Her audience was a class in grade 4 at Fairgreen School

They were truly a wonderful first audience for her; they completely absorbed and listened to her presentation and asked so many inquisitive, great questions - we are very grateful to you all!

THANK YOU Fairgreen School for embracing Little Wolf, her story and inclusion.

As parents, she blew us away; she was so calm and confident in sharing her story and answering the questions … not sure that we would have been brave enough to do that at 16 years old! Tia, it seems that public speaking is the way forward for you, with such confidence, a great message and a special story to share!

We love you … keep being you!

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