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#TAW Pattern 01 White.PNG


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TAW _ 2022 _ ART _ Products 01 _ JPEG.jpeg

The story behind Team AngelWolf Art:


Each piece of art in the collections, has been painted by Nick Watson, the founder of Team AngelWolf; the father of Rio (a Person of Determination/Person with Disabilities) and Tia - our Angel and Little Wolf (hence the name Team AngelWolf).

Most people know Nick from his life with health & fitness, and, when he dived into the real world of inclusion (from having a son with disabilities) that lead him to racing with inclusion with Rio, creating community inclusive activities and impact talks, under the non profit foundation Team AngelWolf.

Team AngelWolf is all about Inclusive Impactivity, It promotes an inclusive, active life with People of Determination; working with families and individuals of all abilities in a welcoming, motivational and connected space. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is equal.

Team AngelWolf have a strong following (the 'WolfPack' family) and receive incredible support wherever they go, with strong media presence and brand awareness. The foundation started in the United Arab Emirates in 2014 and have grown year on year to become the best known private foundation of its kind in the region, making a huge ripple of change in the world of inclusion.

What many people don’t know, is that Nick started his career in art. He went to art school, at L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Toulouse, France. His other passion in life, apart from triathlon and  inclusion has always been art. In his spare time, as a way to relax from the stress and worries of life, he paints; it is his meditation, his expression, his perfectionism, his obsession.

As a way of putting Nick’s passions together, to express and interpret his challenging journey with inclusion (as a father) and to further support the mission of Team AngelWolf, Nick has created collections of abstract art that are available for sponsorship.

Each piece of art, Nick has painted channeling his own emotional rollercoaster and experience of Inclusive Impactivity; each piece has significant personal interpretation of that drive - the ups, the downs, the barriers, the achievements, the frustrations and the joys - all in trying to help create a more inclusive world, where we are all one, all equal, all treated with equity.

Each piece of art also has a secret signature mark from Rio and Tia within the painting - THE mark of THE Angel and Little Wolf!



Each piece will be painted with significant personal interpretation and channeling Nick’s journey with Inclusive Impactivty, and, each piece of art will still also have a secret signature mark from Rio and Tia within the painting (THE mark of THE Angel and THE Little Wolf)


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