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As well as participating in races with inclusion, we also provide a platform of regular free, community, inclusive activities - this is for everyone, whatever your age or ability - INCLUSIVE IMPACTIVITY!

Our activities are not about volunteering but more about participating together as equals!

Some of our monthly activities include:

WolfPack Walks & Party In The Plaza
This is once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, where we have an open community invite for individuals and families of all ages and abilities to join us at The Sustainable City, where we do a group walk of inclusion for 1.2 kms around the beautiful grounds of The Sustainable City. At the end of the walk, we celebrate with a party in the The Sustainable City plaza, enjoying a special performance of inclusion by talented community performers! Then we share a group, community, inclusive picnic.
An afternoon of true Inclusive Impactvity!
Beach Blast
Once a month, on a Friday afternoon at Fairmont The Palm, we invite children of all ages and abilities to participate in the program on an equal level; a platform for children (& parents!) to create true inclusion and make new friends, with lots of natural, active play & fun, to be enjoyed ‘together’ at the beach - Inclusive Impactivity
The program also involves our floating wheelchairs that can be easily transported from the beach to the sea and float in water; giving People Of Determination whom use wheel chairs accessibility to the beach/sea and an exciting, fun outdoor experience for all, as part of a community, inclusive activity. We use the chairs to create interaction, games & fun team races on the beach & in the sea.
ClimbWithRio World Tour
This is once a month, a free virtual community challenge. For this activity, we virtually travel to a different continent every month, in that continent we choose a landmark and at the end of each month we (as a family) climb the height of the landmark on our stairs at home together, live on social media, always including our son, Rio (a Person Of Determination), where he attempts a few floors independently or we carry him on our back.
People around the world, families schools, corporates and our WolfPack virtually travel with us and choose their own landmark in that same continent and do their climb too.
People do it in very different ways to suit their own needs ad goals -  as a group relay or solo as an individual challenge, some climb stairs, hike a hill, do receptive steps on a bench, swim the distance and some who use a wheelchair or stepping is not an option choose to cover the distance height in a different way on a flat surface … however people do it, we ask to please try to think of a way of embracing the challenge with inclusion!
We have started to do the climbs at schools and with community groups, so we can do the climb as an inclusive community ‘together’.
WolfPack Races #RaceWithRio
As Team AngelWolf we race every weekend with Rio, as in inclusive racing; but every month we choose a race (usually a running or walking race) that we welcome the community (of any age or ability) to enter the race and participate alongside us, where we bring more of our TAW running chairs, so that more People Of Determination can participate too with us and we run/walk  staying together as a big WolfPack community to the finish line!
WolfBike Rides

Team AngelWolf have a motorbike with a side car ,which we call our ‘WolfBike’!  This another fun activity introducing more People Of Determination to the TAW #WolfBike.

To experience the sensory of the helmet, the noise of the motorbike, and, short rides (with Nick driving the motorbike and the participant sitting in the side car) around the safe grounds of The Sustainable City private ring road. An activity that always brings smiles to faces enjoying new life experiences.

Life should be about experiences for all!

WolfPack Movies
This is once  month (every first Sunday of the month) at Studio One Hotel, Dubai.
A ‘sensory friendly’ showing (e.g lights up, volume down, smaller crowds, people free to move around) of a family friendly movie.
We invite families (that have children with AND without disabilities) to watch a movie ‘together’.
So families that have children that make noise or fidget or move around (therefore usually avoid going to the cinema), do not feel judged or embarrassed, knowing that everyone attending is understanding and has empathy and is there to give a helping hand if needs be. Where they feel relaxed and welcomed as part of the community, and not to feel segregated. 
An opportunity for different families to be together, to find their similarities, to make new friends and to understand each others needs;  all to create more tolerance and support within the community.
WolfPack Climbs
Once a month, at Mountain Extreme, Dubai, on a Tuesday afternoon, we create an opportunity to experience indoor rock climbing, as a community, ‘together’ with inclusion.
Where we invite children/adults with and without disabilities, to experience indoor climbing together in small groups. It is all about teamwork and helping each other in games; from identifying equipment (helmet, harness, shoes, etc), getting used to the sensory of the equipment, to then climbing activities where everyone has a role to support each other, figuring out routes and to keep each other safe AND most importantly have FUN!
WolfPack Bounce
Once  a month, at BOUNCE, on a Tuesday afternoon, we invite children with and without disabilities to come together and enjoy an hour of bouncing ... community inclusion at its best, using active fun, adventure and teamwork in a perfect playground, helping and motivating each other to develop and practice skills; be it your team assisting you to experience the sensation of bouncing or learning to jump or mastering your first flip into the Big Bag or learning how to run The Wall ... the ultimate place to get a taste of fun, adventure, freedom, freestyle and inclusion, whatever your ability, ‘together’ as a community!
#TAW Pattern 01.1 White.PNG

More Inclusive Activities COMING SOON: We are always looking for more opportunities to add to this platform of Inclusive Impactvity, to create more inclusive experiences for the community. More, new activities are being launched soon!

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