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The Founder of Team AngelWolf (Nick Watson) presents his inspirational (live or webinar) talk to a variation of audiences:

  • Schools

  • Corporates

  • Community social events

So far he has spoken to over 20,000 school students and over 10,000 people in corporates (live and online).

The talks are adapted to the specific audience and the topic of the function, but always based upon the story of Team AngelWolf and its message of Inclusive Impactivity.

The fun, emotional, upbeat inspiration talk is based upon the story behind the story of Team AngelWolf; including Tribe Watson’s personal journey of having a child with disabilities, life, work, health and fitness. Nick clearly shows, that in personal and in work experience, that life is never easy, life can cause stress, life can throw complications, life is not always as you plan it, BUT, you can ALWAYS find inspiration and motivation in the most toughest of situations; and these skills can be incorporated into your daily personal and work life, to make your situation more positive and productive. Nick will prove by example how to find these inspirations and motivations, from his own personal experience; which may in turn help you to help others in the process!

The talks will also include:

  • To help the audience to see the importance in society to have awareness, acceptance, inclusion, integration and equality of People with Determination

  • To inspire the audience to take responsibility of their own health.

  • To instigate the importance of teamwork and family.

  • To motivate the audience to recognise that anything is possible and to have that belief to make a difference in the world.

If you would like to know more about the WolfPack talks, please do contact us.

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