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INCLUSIVE IMPACTIVITY - a very special first anniversary - a Guinness World Record!

One year ago today, 25th March, 2023, Rio and Tia ( @_little.x.wolf_ ) achieved and created a Guinness World Record to be “Fastest time to complete an olympic distance triathlon whilst carrying a person”.

Together with inclusion, they completed 1.5kms swim, 40km cycle and 10km run at @racemeevents TriWars race.

Rio was 19 (he is a person with disabilities) and Tia was 16.

One of the stipulations for this record , was that Tia had to weigh less than Rio.

With all this isn mind:

  • Tia swam 1.5kms pulling Rio in a kayak - it was perfect conditions for a swim & they smashed it.

  • Tia cycled 40kms on our adapted bike, where Rio has a seat on the front. - most peoples bikes weigh around 8kgs, Tia is pushing over 85kgs (bike 35 kgs + Rio) into a strong wind. It was very tough but she pushed SO hard.

  • Tia ran 10kms pushing Rio in a running chair. - it was hot but they flew.

GWR cut off time for the record was 3hrs 45mins. Race official time for Tia & Rio was 3hrs 39mins 37 secs!

What they did was remarkable.

We don’t think Tia has ever really grasped how extraordinary it is what she has achieved, as it’s her ordinary; she has raced with Rio since she was 8.

Inclusion should not be inspiring, it should always be the norm; but Tia’s strength, determination and commitment in that race was incredible.

Rio loved this race, as always; as he truly lives in the moment, embracing every second! His true passion is inclusive racing, especially with his sister.

Together they showed the possibilities, impact and strength of inclusion, by community and family, including People With Disabilities in sport (whom cannot compete independently); this is what we call Inclusive Impactivity.

We are so proud of them both!

Tia had this dream since she was 6 - dreams can come true!

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