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Last weekend we participated in the Desert Palm X-Country Run race by Super Sports Event

Another race series we love participating in - always fun to do something different to our usual, and a cross country run with all its sensory input experiences makes it a big win for Rio!

Desert Palm is a beautiful location for a cross country race. The race as always shad a great turn out and very well organised. Wonderful to see so many children taking part too!

We chose to do the 10km race … but we did it slightly differently this time. Rio used his chariot chair - kindly sponsored by KPS Then a team of 10 from the WolfPack joined Rio, running with him, with 4 at a rotating time pulling the chair.

Great challenge doing it cross country BUT so much fun! Rio was so happy!

A huge THANK YOU to the WolfPack that joined Rio - grateful for your time & energy: Nick, Delphine, Tia, Ali, Valencia, Toby, Michael, Jeremy, Luke & Stephane.

Tia ( @_little.x.wolf_ ) even managed to get 1st in her age group, even though she was part of the WolfPack running with Rio and pulling his chair for 10 kms (then she went to her Viking Surf Sports session and did 1.5 hrs of training; not sure how she does it!?).

A big THANK YOU to the organisers of the event for embracing 'inclusion' & enabling us to take part in the race as we did, this truly helps to spread the mission message of TAW with Inclusive Impactivity further. Thank you to all the volunteers involved in the race, that make the races possible & safe. Thank you to all the other participants & supporters at the event, for the continuous support in cheering Rio on.

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