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Rest In Peace now Rick Hoyt.

THANK YOU Rick for being the person that gave us hope in those early years of our journey; reminding us that our dreams were not lost but just needed to be adapted.

The world has been a better place for you being in it, with the lessons you have taught us.

We were heart broken when the world also lost your dad, Dick Hoyt, a couple of years ago.

You were both, together, the empowered team that showed the world true inclusion and accessibility in sport, in the most extreme races, that at the time seemed impossible.

You both lived life by example, with your message of “YES YOU CAN!”.

We are incredibly grateful, how as a team and as a family, you lead the way forward and broke down barriers, for the rest of us that now also race with inclusion, because of you both!

Now, inclusive teams of runners and triathletes, using accessible equipment is the ordinary, not the extraordinary … as it should be … because of you both leading the way forward!

Thank you to our pioneer legends, for being the humans that they were … as we are not sure that we would be doing what we do, had we not had them both as our role models.

If it wasn’t for you both, Rio may never have discovered or experienced his true passion in life; there are no words to express our true gratitude for this life opportunity that you gave him and to us as a family.

We are certain that you have both unknowingly helped bond many, many families AND communities that were struggling to connect.


We send our condolences and love to the Hoyt family and friends.

With our love and respect,

Team AngelWolf

Nick, Delphine, Rio & Tia

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