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Team AngelWolf: BEACH BLAST

Last Friday (19.05,23) was Beach Blast … our last one before the summer heat!

A fun afternoon, full of true community inclusion … as life should be!

Thank you Viking Surf Sportscrew for joining us as the group leaders, participants and water safety; as always doing an amazing job, bringing lots of energy & lots of fun!

Thank you to all those that participated from our WolfPack, you were all wonderful! We had a full house of 25 participants (and with a waiting list).

It was a beautiful session to observe, where the young participants themselves naturally created inclusion, with no direction from the adults. There were no labels, no one was left out, just connecting, bonding and discovering similarities … it looked lots of fun!

BEACH BLAST is a free, community, inclusive program.

We invite people of all ages & abilities to participate in the program on an equal level; a platform for people to create true inclusion & make new friends, with lots of natural, active play & fun, to be enjoyed ‘together’.

The program also involves our floating wheelchairs that can be easily transported from the beach to the sea & float in water; giving People Of Determination whom use wheel chairs accessibility to the beach/sea & an exciting, fun outdoor experience for all, as part of a community, inclusive activity. We use the chairs to create interaction, games & fun team races on the beach & in the sea.

It’s not about volunteering, it’s about participating 'together' with inclusion as a community #InclusiveImpactiivty

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