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TEAM ANGELWOLF are very excited to announce ...

their official collaboration, partnering with Vikings Surf Sport

"Vikings Surf Sports is a high quality, community orientated surf lifesaving beach education program that is inclusive for all. Nipper, Rookie, Lifeguard, Coach or volunteer".

Their crew have already joined us in a few Beach Blast activities and as the Vikings say "The Beach is for everyone" - they prove this in action and make the sessions so much fun!

Together we have some new fun, exciting, beach plans ahead, for the new season, full of Inclusive Impactiivty!

Exciting times ahead with the Vikings.

With collaborations and partnerships, TOGETHER let’s be the catalysing agents of sustainable social impact by erasing the lines of exclusion and paving the way for community, active living, adventure, and sport for all, that excludes no one - Inclusive Impactiivty!

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