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Sunday was WolfPack Movies at Studio One Hotel!

As always, it was such a special afternoon of true community-inclusion with a great mix of families with and without disabilities, coming together to watch a ‘sensory friendly’ showing (e.g lights up, volume down, smaller crowds, people free to move around) of a family movie ‘together’!

WolfPack Movies is a free, community-inclusive activity that we hold the first Sunday of every month.

It is held at Studio One Hotel boutique cinema, The Screening Room, where they host our activity and generously supply our families with pizza, popcorn and juice with the movie - such an amazing team!

Everyone had a great time, lots of new understandings, connections and friendships were made - an afternoon of togetherness, just as life should be! Our Insta followers voted for the movie Paddington 2 for us to watch … great movie (we heard lots of dads laughs!).

One quote from a family that attended: “I promise you are achieving your goal of inclusion. My children had so many questions before and after the movies. Questions they would never have thought to ask had we not been ‘going to the movies’. They are already asking when can they go again. They are also going to tell their friends about it!” ...This is exactly what we want to achieve; it made us so happy to hear this!

THANK YOU to all those that attended and a special THANK YOU to Studio One Hotel for your kind hospitality!

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