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MAMA WOLF CONFESSIONS ... Spontaneous Moments and Gratitude!

I am very grateful for spontaneous moments that I didn’t know I even needed!

As a care giver, many of us tend to give up identity, to constantly give, without realising it has even happened, all in commitment and dedication to a given, unplanned, lifetime job.

So when a spontaneous moment presents itself, that you were not expecting … at a time when you had a specific role to look after others, but others naturally took over that role for you, so you could receive your moment … a moment that makes you smile, laugh and ‘remember' again … I learnt to grasp it, rather than back away feeling unworthy!

… ’remember’ as in who you ‘are’, not the label you have now been given as a ‘care giver’, but to remember someone you were but chose to forget, as that ‘you’ seems like a stranger from a lifetime ago ‘before’, who seems to not exist anymore; so it often becomes painful to try to even remember ‘her’, as it feels it will be impossible to get her back again, or to even ever have time for her to resurface again .. but on Tuesday I had a glimpse of ‘her’ again!

A simple spontaneous moment, of being given time, energy and care, by being encouraged and safely guided to do flips, at 48 years old, at a trampoline park, was truly exhilarating, priceless and needed!

Coach Chris from BOUNCEinc THANK YOU for giving me that spontaneous moment and helping me to remember ‘Delphine’; I am more grateful than you may ever realise!

It was so much fun!

Inclusive Impactivity for the care givers (or ‘unpaid PAs’ as I prefer to say!)!

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