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LittleWolf Racing 10km With Her Brother Rio

Here is the video from Tia and Rio’s participation “together” in Dubai Harbour Run by Super Sports Events at Dubai Harbour last Saturday.

All in preparation for Dubai Fitness Challenge,

As always, we are very proud of our Tia ( @littlewolf1311 ) to run 10km when you are 15 is hard enough, but to do it pushing your older brother with disabilities, who weighs more than you, it is definitely another level (and she still did it under 52 minutes)!

This is something she does by choice, love for her brother and the personal challenge; never forced! She never moans during a race, she gets in a zone and focuses! She was definitely built for endurance!

This creates so much happiness for Rio - to fulfil his passion for inclusive racing and participating with his best friend - his sister!

They are both ready for their triathlon together next weekend … and more future huge goals ‘together’ - Inclusive Impactivity! (dad will be able to retire from racing soon!)

More details and thank you’s in our previous post with the photos of this race!

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