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Little Wolf - HER story (part 2)

@_little.x.wolf_ confidence grows to wanting to share her story with adults & a bigger audience!

Last week, Team AngelWolf were honoured to be invited by @gensler_middleeast to be guest speakers at their ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’ initiative.

The event was in collaboration with 7 universities; under the theme of “All Together Now” with a focus on inclusive environmental graphic design.

It’s wonderful to see how accessibility & inclusion with Universal Design is being embraced by design students.

Congratulations Gensler & to all your participating students for their amazing inclusive projects!

In our Impact Talks, Nick includes a part about Rio & Tia. Tia asked if she could join in this talk & tell her own story from her perspective, instead of Nick doing it.

This was the first talk that Nick & Tia have co-presented together, about the Team AngelWolf journey with inclusion. An emotional moment for Nick, as dad.

They worked so well together, the audience got to hear the full side of the TAW journey. From Nick sharing the story of Rio & how Team AngelWolf came to be, overcoming attitudinal, social & physical barriers, TAW opening doors to inclusion in sports & community events; igniting motivation & determination to take part in #InclusiveImpactivity. All integrated with Little Wolf’s side of the story - the perspective of an empowered young women, who at only 16 has an important story to share; her journey with inclusion, being a young caregiver, sister to Rio, a triathlete (an inclusive athlete & solo athlete), her accomplishments, her Guinness World Record attempt with Rio & her message about inclusion #BeAnIncluder

What made it extra special for us as parents, was to see how Tia had grown into her chosen role of a story teller - from being quite shy & having anxieties, to pushing her own boundaries to school talks of 1 class of under 10 year old, to now confidently & opening speaking to adults of a large audience size, using a microphone! She loved it!

Rio also attended this talk, he was so excited to see his little sister on stage, telling THEIR story - he looked very proud!

Thank you Gensler for the opportunity.

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