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INCLUSIVE IMPACTIVITY in South America with the Cadets!

Friday was end of the month, so that was time for Team AngelWolf #ClimbWithRio WORLD TOUR Season 5 challenge.

For October we were virtually in South America.

This was an extra special climb as were joined by The Overlord Academy cadets, to do the climb together at The Sustainable City.

We collectively chose to virtually climb Iguazu Falls in Brazil & Argentina; which is 82 meters, equivalent to 19 floors on the outside stairs of the new community building at The Sustainable City.

Some floors Rio did on his dad’s back, the last one he did on his sister’s Tia ( @littlewolf1311 ) back and some he did independently with the helping hands of all the cadets there. The Overlord Academy Cadets were amazing, not only did they do all 19 floors with Rio, they did it with their backpacks and some of them weighted … one boy had 30kgs in his backpack! They are an amazing team and organisation, please do check them out! It was such special afternoon, full of fun, handwork, teamwork, community and Inclusive Impactivity!

For November, we will be in North America, virtually climbing a landmark there … be part of the WolfPack, come join us in the free virtual challenge!

You can chose any landmark in the continent, whatever the height is a challenge personally for you. If you don’t have access to stairs you can do repetitive steps on a bench; if you use a wheelchair or stepping is not an option for you then you can choose to cover the distance height in a different way on a flat surface or in a completely different way, like swimming!

It is a perfect inclusive activity for schools, corporates, families and anyone wanting a personal challenge - for all ages and abilities, doing it solo or as group relay … however you do it, please try to think of a way of embracing the challenge with inclusion.

If your school would like to participate or if your company is interested to sponsor one month of #ClimbWithRio WORLD TOUR Season 5, then please email us on:

TOGETHER we can help create a more inclusive, healthier, kinder global community!

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