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INCLUSIVE IMPACTIVITY at Dubai International Financial Centre

Sunday’s race was Mai Dubai Half Marathon by Promoseven Sports at Dubai International Financial Centre.

It was the first time we have participated in this race and it did not disappoint, it was great! Impressively attended, great route and very well organised - perfect for 21kms. There were also 5km and 10km options too. For 21kms we did 4 laps.

It was also the first time that we have raced with the new chariot chair (or as Rio calls it “new chair” ) generously sponsored by KPS

With the chariot chair, it is on 2 wheels, with suspension. perfect for off road trails, but what we really love about it, is that it allows for more the community to be involved - as 4 people can push/pull it.

So for this race we were a WolfPack team of 10 - Rio and 9 runners, all taking turns to push/pull. As a WolfPack, with handwork and teamwork we crossed the 21kms finish line together - Inclusive Impactivity! THANK YOU to you all, you were an amazing team!

We were extra proud as it was Tia’s ( @littlewolf1311 ) first 21kms run - which she rocked!

Rio loved the race and officially loves his new wheels! We can’t wait to try to in different situations.

A big THANK YOU to the organisers of the event for embracing 'inclusion' & enabling us to take part in the race as we did, this truly helps to spread the mission message of TAW with Inclusive Impactivity further. Thank you to all the volunteers involved in the race, that make the races possible & safe. Thank you to all the other participants & supporters at the event, for the continuous support in cheering Rio on.

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