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Saturday was a another special day … Tia and Rio raced together in Dubai Harbour Run by Super Sports Events at Dubai Harbour.

Together they did the 10km run race, around the beautiful scenery of Dubai Harbour.

Rio is always super delighted to know it is his little sister pushing him in a race - she definitely is his best friend!

As always, we are very proud of our Tia ( @littlewolf1311 ), to run 10km when you are 15 is hard enough, but to do it pushing your older brother with disabilities, who weighs more than you, it is definitely another level (and she still did it under 52 minutes)!

This is something she does by choice, love for her brother and the personal challenge; never forced! She never moans during a race, she gets in a zone and focuses! She was definitely built for endurance!

Thank you Ultimate Athletics for her run training!

It s the first time we have done this race series, we will definitely be back, a great one to do!

Well done to the other WolfPack athletes that participated and raced in other races over the weekend!

A big THANK YOU to the organisers of the event for embracing 'inclusion' & enabling us to take part in the race as we did, this truly helps to spread the mission message of TAW with Inclusive Impactivity further.

Thank you to all the volunteers involved in the race, that make the races possible & safe.

Thank you to all the other participants & supporters at the event, for the continuous support in cheering Rio on.

Thank you to our sponsors as your support allows us to continue racing & spreading our mission.

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