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How to join #ClimbWithRio WORLD TOUR?

We would like to welcome you to join the WolfPack on a Team AngelWolf challenge with the #ClimbWithRio WORLD TOUR, Season 5.

Team AngelWolf is a Community Development Authority (Dubai) licensed non profit foundation, created in 2016, that promotes a community, inclusive, active life, with People of Determination. We work with families, corporates and individuals of all abilities in a welcoming, motivational and connected space. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is equal. It is all about Inclusive Impactivity™. To find out more about Team AngelWolf, please go to:

#ClimbWithRio WORLD TOUR is a perfect community, inclusive activity for families, corporates, schools and individuals, of all ages and abilities - it can be adapted to suit everyones needs.

As the WolfPack, we virtually travel to a different continent every month, over 6 months (for one season). In that content we discover more about the countries there and choose a landmark that we all individually want to climb at the end of the month, in various, different, fun ways! We have people from all around the world joining us in the challenge, virtually travelling with us every month.

As a family we do our virtual climb, at home, on the last weekend of the month, always including our son, Rio (a Person Of Determination), where he attempts a few floors independently or we carry him on our back; all live on social media, so you are welcome to watch and cheer us on! We also sometimes do the climbs at public venues with our WolfPack followers e.g schools, park steps, tower stairs. Please do join us; we announce details and timings on our social media pages.

Inside this manual, you will learn all about the activity, #ClimbWithRio, how it started, how it developed, how to get involved and some fun worksheets to print out.

We hope you enjoy getting involved in the virtual activity; please do send us your videos and photos of you participating. If you post on your social media please do tag us with: @teamangelwolf #inclusiveimpactivity #climbwithrio

Have fun, be active and be an inclusive community!

Download #ClimbWithRio WORLD TOUR Manual

TAW _ 2022 _ Climb With Rio MANUAL _ PDF
Download PDF • 3.23MB

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