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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Last week we had our first WolfPack Bounce session at Bounce Middle East.

It was a special afternoon, full of togetherness, adventure, freedom & fun - Inclusive Impactivity!

We had a group of 25 participants, of different ages & abilities; children of determination, their siblings & students from Dubai English College sixth form.

The students from English College were amazing. Here are some quotes about their experience & their observations, that they shared with us after the activity:

"We made amazing new friends, I want to do this every week”

"We had such fun with everyone but were utterly exhausted afterwards”

"The families never switch off, they are always taking care even when they're meant to be having a break”

"We loved hanging out with everyone & eating pizza”

"The whole experience gave us so much, a totally new way to look at the world”

New connections were made, perspectives were widened, understandings were deepened & the ripple effect for inclusion flourished. It warmed our hearts, knowing that our mission & objectives with Inclusive Impactivity are on the right path!

Thank you BOUNCE for embracing Inclusive Impactivty and enabling this to happen!

THANK YOU to ALL those that participated!

If your family/school/centre would like to participate in this program or any of our other community inclusive activities, then please WhatsApp: 055 9982000

#TeamAngelWolf #InclusiveImpactivity #bouncemideast

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