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TEAM ANGELWOLF IMO CHAIR (Impact Mobility Chair)

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pledged of €50,000 goal

51% reached

777 backers

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To complete PHASE 2Team AngelWolf seeks community support and engagement through multiple avenues, including:

  • Philanthropic Contributions

  • Crowd Funding Initiatives

  • Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities


Team AngelWolf was born from a personal journey of a British expat family in Dubai, inspired by their son Rio's passion for inclusive races despite his disabilities. Rio's participation in over 500 races internationally highlighted the transformative power of sports for individuals with disabilities. Motivated by Rio's experience, Team AngelWolf established a non-profit foundation to promote universal accessibility through Impact Talks, Workshops, Activities, and Consultations. However, they encountered challenges in accessibility, especially for individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and minority groups in crisis-stricken nations. They observed a lack of genuine community inclusion and realised the pivotal role of accessibility in enabling participation. Recognising the need for purpose-built chairs, they aimed to create affordable solutions to empower individuals of all abilities and enhance their access to sports, outdoor terrains, and safety.


Team AngelWolf's solution to the accessibility and inclusion gap they discovered is the design and sponsorship of their own chairs, dubbed the Team AngelWolf IMO Chairs, with IMO standing for Impact Mobility Chair. These chairs are designed to not only provide mobility but also empower individuals and foster social cohesion. Sponsored chairs are gifted to those in need, particularly focusing on three key areas:

  1. Accessibility for People With Disabilities in Sport and Outdoor Activities: The chairs enable people with disabilities to participate in sporting events and outdoor activities alongside their peers. This promotes genuine inclusion and bonding within families and communities.

  2. Access for the Elderly to Outdoor Activities: The chairs also cater to elderly community members with mobility challenges, allowing them to safely and comfortably enjoy outdoor activities and social connections without worrying about terrain limitations.

  3. Mobility Solution for Minority Groups in Vulnerable Areas: In developing nations, disaster areas, and communities affected by war, the chairs offer vital mobility solutions. They enable individuals with disabilities and the elderly to navigate safely during crises and facilitate the transport of essential goods in remote areas.

Overall, this project aligns with several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and aims to create "Inclusive Impactivity," emphasizing social impact and community inclusion.

Team AngelWolf aims to make their IMO Chairs a reality through corporate and community sponsorship. Once the chairs are ready for production, they will be gifted to chosen communities worldwide. For example, chairs could be placed in sports leisure centers in England for community running races, in senior citizen homes in Australia for country walks, or in war zones in Africa for evacuation purposes. To achieve this, they've divided the process into 6 phases and seek funding from philanthropists, crowdfunding, or corporate sponsorship. They have garnered interest from international organizations like UNICEF, indicating the potential impact of their project.








Accessibility and inclusion affect us all, with 1 in 6 people having a disability, totaling 1.3 billion individuals globally. Disability can strike anyone at any time, making accessibility a universal concern. "Be An Includer" and "Leave Nobody Behind" are essential principles guiding this cause, aligning with Sustainable Social Responsibility. Team AngelWolf envisions a global ripple effect, where their running chairs facilitate meaningful interactions and inclusivity in communities worldwide. They urge individuals to join this transformative journey, emphasizing the immense opportunity and profound impact of inclusive initiatives. Together, they aim to empower communities and erase the lines of exclusion through sustainable social impact.

Will you join us in creating a world of Inclusive Impactivity?

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