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Dad cycling with Rio and 10 other friends cycling together
Title "Who are we?"


Nick Watson portrait photo

Nick Watson

a.k.a DAD


Rio Watson portrait photo

Rio Watson

a.k.a ANGEL

19yrs old with 1q44 Deletion Denovo Syndrome

Tia Watson portrait photo

Tia Watson


Delphine Watson

a.k.a MUM

"Our Story" text


Nick & Delphine Watson founded Team AngelWolf in 2014 in a move to reverse the prospects for their son Rio. Born with a chromosome disorder so rare that it affects only a handful of people worldwide – 1q44 deletion denovo syndrome – Rio’s chances for independence and participating in sport were set at almost zero, which was a barrier that the family were determined to overcome.

  • Team AngelWolf is inspired by the Watson children, Rio (our Angel) & Tia (Little Wolf).

  • The family were blessed and fortunate to discover Rio’s passion in life - inclusive racing!

  • This brought a wonderful opportunity of family togetherness, as a whole, father-son and brother-sister.

  • Rio & Tia have always been a team, with a beautiful, special bond.

  • This lead to an awakening and need to create a more inclusive community, for Rio and others, which lead to the creation of Team AngelWolf: Impact Talks and Community Inclusive Activities.

  • It is this spirit we want to share with the world, extending the invite for everyone to join our our ‘WolfPack’.

To find out more about the story behind the story of Team AngelWolf please do contact us for more information on our WolfPack Talks Impact Talks!

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