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COLLECTION | BEING | 004.05.06 & 07

COLLECTION | BEING | 004.05.06 & 07

SKU: TAW | 2022 | 07 | COLLECTION | 005.06.07




PICTURE: 05, 06 & 07


  • 3 Single Picture Frames
  • Canvas 60cm x 90cm
  • Black Floater Frame


BEING expresses the discovery that amongst the chaos, structure and injustice, your life still goes on; being is existence. The only way to live fully in that existence, is to fill in all those big empty spaces, is to find gratitude for what is and to just be, fully be. Inclusive Impactivity cannot happen with the appreciation of ‘BEING’.


Team AngelWolf Art | Collections:

In each collection there will be an exclusive, limited 7 pieces of art.

The first collection, named “TOGETHERNESS”, has been reserved privately by Team AngelWolf.

This is our fourth collection of SERIES 01 and is named “BEING”.


Each art piece in this collection uses the three colours: black, white and a touch of red; which represents Team AngelWolf.

Each piece of art also has a secret signature mark from Rio and Tia within the painting - THE mark of THE Angel and Little Wolf!


Each piece from the fourth collection “BEING” is now available for sponsorship from Team AngelWolf, which in turn will further support the mission and work of Team AngelWolf with Inclusive Impactivity.

The sponsor of each piece can choose to keep the art personally or to give to a recipient of their choice.

As a sponsor, as well as receiving the sponsored piece of artwork to support Inclusive Impactvity, we will also send you a Team AngelWolf box of surprises!


Please note:

The quality of the photos of the collection may not 100% represent the artworks.

All artworks can be viewed on request.

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