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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

WOLFPACK MOVIES Last Sunday was WolfPack Movies at Studio One Hotel.

WolfPack Movies is a free, community, inclusive activity that we hold once a month at Studio One Hotel. A ‘sensory friendly’ showing (e.g lights up, volume down, smaller crowds, people free to move around) of a family friendly movie.

We invite families (that have children with AND without disabilities) to watch a movie ‘together’.

So families that have children that make noise or fidget or move around (therefore usually avoid going to the cinema), do not feel judged or embarrassed, knowing that everyone attending is understanding and has empathy and is there to give a helping hand if needs be. Where they feel relaxed and welcomed as part of the community, and not to feel segregated.

An opportunity for different families to be together, to find their similarities, to make new friends and to understand each others needs; all to create more tolerance and support within the community. Studio One Hotel have a beautiful, boutique cinema, The Screening Room, where they host our activity and generously supply our families with pizza, popcorn and juice with the movie - such an amazing team!

We watched "Penguins If Madagascar'; everyone had a great time, lots of new understandings, connections and friendships were made - an afternoon of togetherness, true community inclusion, just as life should be! THANK YOU to all those that attended and a special THANK YOU to Studio One Hotel for your kind hospitality!

If you would like to be added to our ‘Team AngelWolf community inclusive activities WhatsApp group (where we announce spaces for each activity), then please message us on: 055 9982000 (this is for families with AND without disabilities)

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