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Our first WolfPack Circus session at Dubai Circus School,

It was such a special, magical afternoon.

Dubai Circus School are truly amazing, with a beautiful, kind hearted team .

We had 9 children participate - people with and without disabilities together; they were ALL so happy. Whatever their ability, they all got involved, they all participated, they all had a unique experience, they all learnt new skills, they all had fun and they all made connections - together … disability was not a focus nor a barrier … just ‘togetherness’, true community - Inclusive Impactivity.

Extra special was seeing an inclusive activity that siblings could do together.

It will be a memory that ALL the children will never forget.

THANK YOU to Dubai Circus School for embracing Inclusive Impactivity and enabling the program to run from your amazing facility, ensuring LOTS of creative fun was had and for the assistance of your wonderful team!

WolfPack Circus:

Once a month on a Wednesday afternoon, at Dubai Circus School, we invite children with and without disabilities of different ages, to come together to experience what Dubai Circus School is all about. Under the guidance of their trainers, the participants taste the magical, creative, adventure of trying out therapeutic circus arts, together. An opportunity for participants to express themselves artistically through the wonders of Circus thrill and passion; learning new active skills such as juggling, silk acrobatics, trapeze,, trampoline, tumbling and ground acrobatics - for all abilities!

It’s not about volunteering, it’s about participating 'together' with inclusion as a community.

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